What is Copyright and How Do You Protect It?

How to Write and Publish YOUR Book


This article (originally part of the writing course I ran at the local polytechnic and developed about twenty years ago into our original and hugely popular Eagle Productions online creative writing course) was written for the “OFFLINE and real world” here in New Zealand and the United Kingdom… well before I knew about the “amazing intricate mysteries of the net”. However, I believe, the principles should also be applied (perhaps not so stringently) to the “Wild West of cyberspace”. (That’s a metaphor, by the way!). The article covers general principles of copyright and may also be applied world-wide in writing for the www, “metinks”…

Publishing on the world wide web (writing articles on your field of expertise is a most effective form of internet marketing, incidentally!) is very different to the “real world”. In the online “wild west culture” standard copyright rules are far harder to enforce…

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