Racing (and Writing in the Zone)

Racing (and Writing in the Zone)

The link between motor racing (my great passion) and writing:

“Petrol head meets sensitive, arty/farty, bookish, airey-fairey creative, wimpish poncy* writer”

Incongruous (big word, eh)… or WHAT!

* enough adjectives there!


Shared by definitely NOT an “arty-farty airey/fairey writer type”

Just a “passionate/impulsive/driven/obsessive/crazy” (thanks M)


“I was a warrior, so my son could be a farmer… so his son could be a poet”

— John Adams


“I do some part-time brain surgeon work to fund my writing… so that my son’s get ‘proper’ jobs, like racing drivers.”

– “a nonymoose” writer

What’s the difference between a writer and a family pizza?

The pizza can feed a family of four (or perhaps just ONE starving writer, who can’t even afford a used bicycle, let alone a “racing career”!


“Life is far too important a subject to be taken seriously.”



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