Sharing Some Writing Thoughts (from Online Writing and Publishing Course)

Article Title: Sharing Some Writing Thoughts (from Online Writing and Publishing Course)
Author: Craig Lock
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“We share what we know, so that we all may grow.”
Sharing some Miscellaneous (big word, eh) Writing Thoughts (from Online Writing Course)
Writers write about and share the various facets of human nature. Writers share their points of view, their unique perspectives of the world and are in a fortunate position to enable readers to view the world differently. “The prime ingredient of journalism is not intelligence, but curiosity.”
“When you look into a mirror, you do not see your reflection – your reflection sees you.”
– anonymous
“I write because something inside myself, inner and unconscious forces me to.” That is the first compulsion. The second is one of ethical and moral duty. I feel responsible to tell stories that inspire readers to consider more deeply who they are.”
I believe writers through their ‘unique vantagepoint’ and by using the power of words in their communications can help offer the reader another perspective on the journey of life – so that people may CHOOSE to view the world and their unfolding lives through a different lens. (A metaphor, btw!).
Some years back I developed a mission statement for my work and life that has really helped me to focus on what I want to accomplish with my writing and in a broader perspective, with my life’s journey…
“My writing mission is to inform, illuminate, uplift, delight, encourage and hopefully even inspire people around the globe through the power of words, so that they can fulfill their individual potentials and lead fruitful and happy lives.”
“The activities that have given me the most personal fulfillment, and through which I achieve a feeling of ‘calling or purpose’, come about when I share my knowledge, life experiences, ideas and insights with others. I hope to be able to achieve that through my ‘passion’ for words in the form of the various books I’ve written. ”
– a writer
“I truly want to let the light shine through my words to impact and help others…to inspire people throughout our (sometimes happy and sometimes dark and sad, yet always beautiful and magical) world.” * Here are some writing tips based on my path, that I’ll pass on (don’t end a sentence with a “preppie” – bad grammar, Craig!)… I never thought of writing as a career. It’s pretty lonesome being a writer, especially for a “people-person”, like me – well, it’s meant to be the world’s most solitary occupation!
Here are a few suggestions…THINK about your work and write for your target reader – your job is to entice the reader. So let your writing be accurate, brief, concise, clear and simple with short sentences. This makes it easier for your reader…and after all, reading is a very cerebral activity that demands high levels of concentration. For me at least! Nice long word that ‘cerebral’. No, it’s not a breakfast cereal.
When you stop writing, leave a note how you intend to restart: either a note on the subject or the words you want to use. However, don’t stop writing if your words are flowing. When you’re going well and have got your momentum, it much easier keeping going. I start work early in the morning: about 6:30 these days, when I’m fresh. I “work” for about three or four hours, then go on a long walk for exercise. It breaks the monotony of the day and refreshes me.
I get inspiration as I walk along alone. Many ideas shoot into my head and I have to turn back before I forget them. Next time I’m bring a small “dick”-ta-phone with me. What will the people on the beach say? Change the tone “sonny boy”! I contemplate our lives: where we are going and so on. Who cares? Usually I turn back in total shock! Horrors!
Use plain, simple language and be brief with short words and sentences. So said the great American writer Mark Twain. Another great American writer, Ernest Hemingway said these wise words: Use short sentences and paragraphs, use vigorous language, be positive…and not negative.”
“I write because something inside myself, inner and unconscious forces me to.” That is the first compulsion. The second is one of ethical and moral duty. I feel responsible to tell stories that inspire readers to consider more deeply who they are.
“Having consulted a manual on suicide, a Taiwanese novelist whose works had been rejected smashed up six luxury cars yesterday, hoping their owners would kill him. They obliged and beat him to a pulp but police intervened.”
You really don’t have to go to that kind of extreme!

Most writers continually challenge themselves and their readers in new ways. They are looking to find new niches for their writing and to test their individual limits.#

To end off…

For me personally, the greatest satisfaction in my writing has been in achieving something that I have wanted to do for years (without knowing it, that is).
“Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it”. The great German philosopher and writer Johan Wolfgang von Goethe said those wise words. And this begs the question, “poor beggar”: Are all writer philosophers. Yes, I suppose they are in a way…as we are “observers and reporters on life”…. and writing, I believe, is an exciting journey of self discovery and personal growth.
Craig Lock (Eagle Productions Books)
* luck as ‘they’ say, is when preparedness meets opportunity.
Great racing driver, Ayrton Senna (probably the best and fastest ever) was often quoted using driving as a means for self-discovery, and racing as a metaphor for life: “The harder I push, the more I find within myself. I am always looking for the next step, a different world to go into, areas where I have not been before. It’s lonely driving a Grand Prix car, but very absorbing. I have experienced new sensations and I want more. That is my excitement, my motivation.”

I feel exactly the same sentiments with my writing; but could never have expressed them so well and with such clarity and persuasion as the great Ayrton (though writing doesn’t involve quite the same physical risks as in motor racing).
– “one of his greatest fans”

About the submitter:
Craig loves to encourage and empower people to be the best they can possibly be, and to create what they want in life. He believes in sharing information and insights to try to make a difference in this world: to help and especially encourage people along life’s magical journey…and that brings him the greatest joy.
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* which is sometimes defined as where ‘preparedness meets opportunity’
“It took me 15 years to find out that I had no talent for writing, but by then I couldn’t give it up, because by then I was too famous to give up.”
– Robert Benchley
“The world would have you agree with its dismal dream of limitation. But the light would have you soar like the eagle of your sacred visions.”
– Alan Cohen

“They say that if enough chimpanzees were put in front of enough word processors for enough time, eventually one of them would write Hamlet.”
“A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.”
– Chinese proverb


Craig’s new blog with thoughts and extracts from various writings is at
As they carry me to my deathbed, I’ll be saying:
Can you just give me one more hour to finish off one last article. PLEASE!”
– craig (as inspired by the quote of singer, Barry Manilow)


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